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Our Charity Partners

Because of you!

Thanks to you we are able to give our support to charity, every booking that we take allows us to give more. At the moment we have 3 charity partners, you can read about how we support our charity partners below

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Gift Of a Wedding

"Professionals from the wedding, medical, and charity sectors have come together to create a distinctive non-profit organisation, whose objective is to give people battling a terminal or life-shortening illness a CHOICE. Just imagine the financial and time constraints placed on a person who is terminally-ill. How would you cope?"

"Quite simply, our charity is about bringing joy, love, and happiness to those with a terminal or life-shortening illness. We do this by gifting weddings and vow renewals with the help of the generous wedding industry and gifted volunteers all around the UK."


We support this charity by providing some of our services for free as requested for people who are terminally-ill, wishing to make their dream wedding day become a reality

MSA Trust

"The Multiple System Atrophy Trust is the UK and the Republic of Ireland’s leading charity supporting people affected by multiple system atrophy (MSA)"

"Multiple system atrophy (MSA) is a progressive neurological disorder that affects adult men and women. It is caused by degeneration or atrophy (shrinking) of nerve cells in several (or multiple) areas of the brain. This can result in problems with multiple bodily functions such as speech, movement, balance and blood pressure control.

It is important to remember that no two people are the same and every person’s experience of MSA will be different. The MSA Trust aims to support every person affected by MSA throughout their journey."


Someone close to us had a family member contract this disease, and we decided that we would do our best to help give our support to the cause. We support this charity through small donations, awareness, and have offered to provide free event services when required for their own campaigns

Doctor's Clinic
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reforest the future gambia women
reforest the future gambia logo

Reforest the futurE GAMBIA

"The aim of the project is to tackle land degradation, food insecurity and poverty in The Gambia by planting trees and educating women, land workers and young people to start tree nurseries and plant edible and indigenous trees to bring back native forest cover and Biodiversity. We urgently need your help to continue this life-changing project and help it grow to its full potential."

"In the Sahel region of Africa, trees are a lifeline for people as they can survive droughts and floods when other crops might fail. They provide nutritious food, nuts, and seeds all year round that make up a vital percentage of a family's diet especially in rural areas where food poverty affects three quarters (75%) of the population. Tree products such as fruit, shea butter, moringa, oils, and nuts can also be sold providing income to families to help pay for education and life essentials."


We support this charity by providing small donations and awareness. In a part of the world where our donations can go a long way, we felt that this would be a great charity partner to work with

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