Wedding planning is such an exciting time. You’ll find that people love to help couples with tips. We even have some on our blog that you can check out. One thing we’ve, however, noticed is that people don’t talk much about who actually makes your guest list.

While you may find tips on seating, the perfect venue and more, people assume the couple already knows who they want on the list. So, what happens if you don’t? You could wonder if you should invite your colleague who’s been nice a couple of times. Is it okay to do so?

Helping couples have a stress-free wedding planning experience is one thing we love to do here at GD Photobooths. Plus, we’ve been handling wedding entertainment and décor in Scotland for a while, and we love to share the tips we’ve picked up.

For this, however, we spoke to some wedding industry experts. They shared with us wonderful tips on who the people to put on your guests. So, read below to find the answer to the question “Who should I invite to my wedding?”

  • Your Budget Plays A Role

Have you created your wedding budget yet? If not, it’s time to get to it. Your budget is like the foundation of your wedding planning. You really can’t do much without it. That includes knowing who to invite to your wedding.

Knowing the total amount, you have to spend on your wedding determines how many people you can invite. So, if you don’t have that, discuss it with your partner and determine how much is available. Then you can talk to any other loved ones who will be contributing financially to get your final total. Now to the people who should make it to your list.

  • Your Family Members

Weddings are a wonderful time for family reunions. That’s most likely why your mum is trying to make sure your Great Aunt Edith makes it to the list, haha. It is always fun for everyone to see themselves and exchange stories after what might be years of no contact.

If your budget is huge and you love festivals, sure, go ahead. However, for most couples, you have to be a bit more practical. That will include leaving out some names and having to say a firm no while using your renegotiation skills.

Our advice, create a scale of preference which your partner. You can speak to both sets of parents to make them understand the constraints too. In the end, you should only choose those you are sure you would not have a great wedding without. 

  • Your Friends

No matter how hard you try, you can’t invite all your friends to your wedding. Some of them could be even too busy to come! So, once you choose your bridal party members, it’s time to create a balance. Remember, the more family members that get to come, the fewer the friends that can make your list and vice versa. Again, the number of people you can afford to host will play a part here.

Friends you and your partner have in common are usually the best bet. Having them at your wedding won’t cause tension or awkward situations. You can also invite friends who are close to you both but stay far away. As long they are important to you, and you’ve been in touch in the past few months.

  • Should I Invite Kids to My Wedding?

Having a kid-free wedding is not such a bad idea. It depends on the vision you and your partner have for your wedding. Just make sure you make it clear when communicating with your guests from the start.

You could also decide to put an age limit for your wedding. This means that kids above a certain age can attend. You can make a rule like “No kids below the age of 14”. You’ll, however, have to strictly enforce this rule to avoid issues. Another thing which a lot of couples choose to do is to have a cutoff time – Where kids are allowed to attend the wedding, but only until a certain time, usually around 10:00 pm.

  • What to Do About Plus Ones

Regarding plus ones at your wedding, experts advise that you apply a blanket rule. For example, people who have been with their partners for over six months can bring them. However, this is another rule you’ll have to make sure you strictly enforce. 

  • In Conclusion

Deciding who to invite to your wedding is important. They’ll play a key part in the memories and the atmosphere at your celebration. So, the question “Who should I invite to my wedding” is one that every couple should have an answer to.

The above tips contain a base framework you can apply when deciding who makes your guests list. You can use the same when deciding on colleagues, church friends, etc. It is also important that both partners okay the guests that come. Best of luck!

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