Wedding Scotland

Planning a fabulous wedding in Scotland is no easy task. For many couples, this is the first time they’ll be hosting a party this big. They jump in and discover that there is so much to be done and so little time.

Here at GD Photobooths, we have worked with many couples planning their wedding. This has given us some invaluable insights when it comes to planning. For example, we’ve discovered that if you start on the right foot, you have a higher chance of success.

Did we hear you ask how to start on the right foot? There are some crucial steps that you must take to get you there. Here are the five important steps to take when planning a great wedding in Scotland.

  • Choose A Date

Choosing a date for your wedding gives you an accurate timeline with which to plan. This is very important. You can’t tell your baker when to have your wedding cake ready if you don’t have a date.

Are you having a bit of trouble choosing a date? How about going by the season? What season do you picture having your dream wedding in? From there, you can narrow it down to the month and then the day. Some couples also choose to use dates of significance, like when they first met.

  • Research

Research is such a vital part of planning a great wedding in Scotland. It puts you in a better position to make informed decisions and improves your chances of success. You’ll need research to find the best vendors for your event. You’ll also need it to find the perfect wedding venue.

Research is how you’ll know the best estimates to use for your wedding budget. It’s also how you’ll know the words to use when communicating your vision to your vendors. So, feel free to use resources like Pinterest, magazines, and others in your research.

  • Create A Budget

Speaking of budgets, your wedding budget is the foundation of your wedding planning. All of the activities planned for your special day depend on it. So, before you get started on your planning, you need to have a budget.

When creating your wedding budget, the first step is to sit down and discuss it with your partner. This will help you decide how much you’ll be putting toward your celebration. Next, you can discuss with parents and other loved ones to determine how much they’ll be helping out with if they will.

After this, the next step is to allocate costs to aspects of your wedding. You’ll need your research skills to do this aspect. Once you’re done, make sure you stick to your budget as much as possible. Spending more than you budgeted can make your planning very hard to navigate.

  • Hire The Right Vendors in Scotland

Your wedding vendors are the partners you need on your journey to planning a successful wedding. The first significant vendors to work with are your wedding photographer, wedding planner, and caterer. You can then look into others like florists, musicians, rentals, etc.

When it’s time to hire a vendor for your celebration, start by working with referrals from loved ones. You can also check out a potential vendor’s website. Only hire a vendor you feel comfortable around.

  • Make Use of Rentals

Rentals are an excellent way to decorate your dream wedding. They are cost-effective and also contribute to conserving the environment. You won’t be wasting or wondering what to do with the items after your celebration.

When you hire your décor items, you are also more likely to get precisely what you need for your design. Where else will you find that gorgeous doughnut wall you need for the delicious doughnuts at your wedding? Or the bold L-O-V-E that will look fabulous in all your wedding pictures?

Most importantly, what will you do with them after your wedding is done? It is way better to hire and use them for your celebration. Working with the right wedding rental company ensures that you don’t have to worry about these during your planning.

  • In Conclusion

Planning a great wedding in Scotland is possible when you take the right steps. We’ve listed five important ones above. Feel free to apply them when you start your planning process and when dealing with your vendors.

Another thing to also keep in mind is that this is your wedding. This means that while you can accommodate ideas from others, you and your partner have the final say. So, your goal should be to plan a celebration that represents you and your love as a couple. Best of luck!

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